Comment: Damn right!

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Damn right!

That Indian guy should have totally ruined their protest by doing a dance and making a storm break out.

Then he should have trumped them intellectually by citing the Mexican space program and the many scientists and engineers who are swimming over to help us compete in the emerging technology-based economy.

We're all illegal! Despicable whites came here and bullied ingenious originators of pointy huts, neat stone knives, and cool bear dances. We violated the immigration policy they didn't have the ability to write down and cruelly made them accept formal logic, electric lighting and internal combustion engines.

Now despicable white imposters want to deny immigration rights to the noble race that gave the world the super burrito and really big cowboy hats.

Why can't the despicable whites see that it's just completely random chance that Thomas Edison wasn't a bisexual brave, a transgender Hispanic or a strong black woman?