Comment: And they all just kinda walk away?

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And they all just kinda walk away?

Wait wait wait wait wait.....don't tell me NOBODY TRIED THIS BEFORE.

600 years and it turns out all that was required was a good talking-to?

Anyways, kinda hard to beat that argument eh? And I'm glad it resonates here (where people have also been openly defying Muslim haterz) even though it's not a pleasant topic.

If it makes you feel a grinding feeling in the pit of your stomach, well, however uncomfortable it's understandable, even desirable. It's two totally conflicting systems in direct contact. Resolving this conflict is pretty hard. It's not just the race thing. It encompasses belief systems, religion, politics and of course everybody has their own take on history.

Meanwhile as another poster suggested, science keeps coming up with pretty convincing evidence that people trucked around all over the place in ancient times some ways that's calling everybody's racial identity into question.

My advice is when the Great Wave comes, these "identities" might be something we wanna leave on the shore.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.