Comment: Well, no.

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Well, no.

The argument is absurd. Human groups compete. Indians competed with and butchered each other.

Indians were locked in the Stone Age, and they were swept away when they came into contact with an advanced group. There was no universal law for all Indians, there was limited or no concept of land as property, so it was impossible for whites to be "illegal."

Not saying whites acted in a "Christian" way. Just saying life's a bitch and the less competent are gonna lose out.

Mexicans, a mix of white, Indian and black genes, have not created anything as a group that's valuable to the world (beyond burritos). They have significantly lower average IQs than whites. They are very likely to help ruin, not stabilize or improve, US politics and culture.

As unkind and un-PC as it seems, the instinct to resist and separate from uncivilized groups is sound. To mix with and adopt the standards of uncivilized groups leads to regression, not progress.