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great reasoning there bud

first of all, there is no motivation of "maintaining that system" in my posts. The "system" isn't under any kind of threat. So, no that has nothing to do with my reasoning. It is a distraction that some like to engage in to avoid discussing the merits of an issue.

However, the first half of that statement is true, I am a lawyer. That means I have studied the things that are discussed here, and actually know what happens in the system and am not just here bs ing people and pulling things out of my rear.

The morality of the system should be and is questioned, most of all by lawyers. We question it all the time.

Sorry if it offends you, there is no straw man, no secret govt bank accounts in capital letters, no UCC protocol for accessing your secret money by "accepted for value". If any of those things existed, someone could cite to an actual law, or evidence, that it exists. I'm not going to prove a negative for you. If you believe in ghosts, sasquatch, and admiralty law hoaxes, that is your prerogative. I will, however, correct you and lampoon you from time to time. It's fun.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein