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Your polling idea

I would bet that the results would be similar to the latest Gallup Poll because at this stage of the game, polls like this are nothing more than a gauge of name recognition - not potential voting results.

You need to realize that phone poll results are made up of the following people:

1) They must have a landline (10% of people do not, 25% of those 18-24 do not)

2) If they do have a landline and have call waiting (around 50% of the population), they must be willing to answer a call that comes up as "Unavailable". Though I cannot find hard data on this, my guess is most people screen calls from "Unavailable" sources.

3) Then the surveyor needs to get through all their questions in order for the survey to count. So if the person being polled gets another call, the doorbell rings, or whatever happens and the survey is not completed, it doesn't count.

4) Lastly, those you do find that meet criteria one, two and three re most likely lying to you. Here's why. Generally, less than 10% of eligble voters will vote in a primary, but you know a large majority of people if asked "Are you likely to vote in the election" will say yes. Most people won't admit that come election day they will probably not turn up at the polls.

So we have poll results made up of: people that have a landline, will answer an unavailable call, will sit through all the questions, and then will likely lie to the pollster and tell them that they are a "likely voter". And this is what the MSM is using to decide the so-called frontrunners?