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Yeah, that was my point....

"The money they get from US, goes mostly to MIC contracts, and 95% of that 'aid' is necessarily spent HERE in the USA, on military weapons and such. As I said, MIC contracts. They steal money from poor Americans (taxes), and give it as 'coupons' to their partners in Israel, to be spent in their MIC 'store'. So I couldn't agree more that 'foreign aid' should be eliminated altogether."

Oh, and they do the same exact thing with every other nation that receives foreign aid. Look at Pakistan, their gov't is complicit in the drone murders of their own innocent civilians.

Are we doing the Paki's bidding? The Saudi's too? Egypt, giving them F-16s? All these nations... Killing for them? Who is the puppet, and who is the puppeteer?

Money! Baal!, Satan!, that is the puppeteer.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?