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Did you know

NSA owned the USS Liberty that was doing the same thing to Israel as they did to wee the American people? Is it wrong for the USA to be spying on everyone but Israel? Or is it wrong that Israel has established it's terms and doesn't hesitate to do what they said they were going to do when it comes to self defense.

the op-ed poster bayou has an issue with my thinking the USA needs to take a few clues and be more like Israel. Israel is not policing the world. Sure, they can invent the tech and produce it, but it's what our government does with it, like the USS Liberty, NSA had no business in that area, and that's why the USA has done NOTHING about it. It's our shame. And it is our shame.

Yeah, we should be more like Israel, everyone know how to defend themselves, their property, know when and how to help neighbors, and serve your country defending it from those who dare to be aggressive. It's not a joke to Israel, they have a red line, and it's a thick one. No one needs to police Israel. Israel is not policing the world. Israel is not occupying the globe with hundreds of military bases.