Comment: I realized about telepathy back in the 90s

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I realized about telepathy back in the 90s

I had read an article that said the brain works not only on electrical, chemical, and biological principles; it also works on quantum principles, so if we're going to develop a machine as powerful as the human brain, we will need to understand quantum principles.

Then I read a separate article that said we've isolated one quantum effect, that of entanglement, where two atoms become "paired" and when one is read, the other has the same state as well, at the exact same time -- no "transmission delay", or faster than the speed of light.

This told me that telepathy is possible (not that it actually exists, just that there's the possibility). Further thinking led to the many stories about a mother knowing when her child is in danger, but we rarely hear a story about a father knowing. The mother's and child's brains spend 9 months in close proximity, and perhaps during this time they exchange entangled particles. Twins have even closer "telepathy" than any mother and child do, and they spend nine months right next to each other, rather than the two to three feet that separate the mother's and child's brain's during gestation.

Later I learned that entangled particles are used up when they are measured -- so to maintain communication, there needs to be a quantity of them, which diminish over time. Thinking anecdotally made this make sense as well -- one rarely hears about a mother knowing when an adult child is in danger. It seems that they're used up by the teenage years or so, which also aligns with when the child is ready to face the world, so it's a temporary protective measure, like the nest or the nipple.

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