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Comment: ((( "outlawed weapons" )))

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((( "outlawed weapons" )))

Therein lies the answer.

The Constitution is the Law of the Land. The 2nd Amendment shall not be infringed.

Any law, ordinance or statute REPUGNANT to the Constitution is null and void.

Those protestors keep citing an ordinance which supposedly allows replicas/toys, but are being detained and hauled off - for a replica! Not once [at least from what I could hear] did they cite their natural-born right to "bear arms" to the police and actually carry one, which shall not be infringed.

They are setting a HORRIBLE example. Which makes me ponder, are they left-wing socialists attempting to establish new precedent?

Camera, t-shirts and a few conspiring folks do not a Patriot make.

Hey "Republic of Texas TV", I am calling you out. Care to chat, hoss?

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul