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Gunther Pauli: Zero Waste

"Going Green" via recycling doesn't always prove effective and might even be counter-productive; as stated, the idea mostly just makes us feel good about ourselves and our wasteful lifestyles. So... what's the solution? Develop *systems* that produce NO waste. NATURE IS A GREAT TEACHER! It's the lifework of entrepreneur Gunther Pauli, who (for one) established ZERI: Zero Emissions Research & Initiatives. The author of The Blue Economy, he's documented that it can be done!

The Blue Economy: 10 Years, 100 Innovations, 100 Million Jobs

Meet Gunther, one of my "heroes." Some of his TED TALKS:
~His work in a nutshell at 13:55
~Going Beyond My Own Dreams
~Balancing Energy
~Glimpses of a Blue Economy
~System Design


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