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great artwork on the comix

But the script is pretty weak. Your second link would not open.

I think Israel has an outstanding plan with the IDF, and I wish the USA was more like Israel.. everyone should do two years military/nilita/ defense training. Everyone who is part of a c0ommunity should KNOW how to protect and defend themselves and their property, how to work with others in case of an emergency. I think part of the problem we have here, I've seen it when the 94 quake hit. I had a preminition of the quake so I had prepared, and when it hit, I knew exactly what to do to secure myself and my property, checking water, gas, power lines, and yet, I saw my neighbors completely confused, totally unprepared, afraid, and I thought, "big problem is when people don't KNOW what to do". And most don't in America.. but in Israel they do.

I'm sure the Othodix will fugure something out, after all they have a section of Jerusalem, which has police, and maybe the orthodox, who are attacked frequently, might give other Israelis a break having to police them if they would police themselves?

This might explain some things for you