Comment: Get back to basics

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Get back to basics

Numerous times I've thought the Agency should seek military targets, providing battle advantage, a DOD function, as dictated by carrying out the guidance of the President and the DOD. But it seems that this guidance is in need of a lawful foundation itself. This exploded onto the public domain because of whistle-blowing revelations. Congress, the providers of fundamental policy, with a 500+ membership who represent voters, only they are this guiding force for administrators. All 500+ people elected to congress need to know what's happening and then follow the dictates their voters in formulating the lawful boundaries. Policy, subsequent guidance, and actions taken therefrom lack oversight, or closure. A closed system that should result in action from guidance based on policy does not now function well. The knowledge of what's happening is lacking in Congress, as evident by the surprise of procedures now exposed. That part of the loop needs closing. The oversight necessary for policy generation, law making, is not there, surely not when restricted to only a dozen or so members of a 500 member body responsible to do so. Reestablish this oversight as the purview of the entire Congressional Body. That would be the start of total system repair.