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Here is an excerpt from an article on the subject.

"(Israel's) definition as a nation-state was cemented by the Law of Return, which awards automatic citizenship to every Jew upon arrival. Despite that, the State is led by secular Jews, who were sanctioned by the Orthodoxy in an unholy deal.

Traditionally, the Jewish Orthodoxy believed that their Godly redemption would arrive in two stages. The early stage is called “Messiah Son of Joseph,” and would include the physical stages of bringing the Jewish people together; this stage is symbolized by a bull. The second stage is the “Messiah Son of David,” when a spiritual Messiah would restore the Kingdom of God. This stage is symbolized by a donkey; Christian readers will immediately recognize Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem riding on a donkey (John 12:12-16).

In the 19th Century, Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, was one of the Orthodox Jews who created the basis of cooperation between Zionists and Orthodoxy. He defined what is known as "Hamoro shel Mashiah" ("Messiah's Donkey" in Hebrew). He claimed that the secular Jews (the Zionists) could take the place of “Messiah Son of Joseph” as a collective entity, creating the base that would allow the Orthodox Jews to produce the "Messiah Son of David" in the new and secular state. The political alliance produced a state accepted by most Jews; yet a vast cultural gap still exists between Orthodox and Humanist secular Jews.

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There are other links in the article that will take you to other articles on the same subject, if you are interested. This arrangement has been the norm in Israel from the beginning and is only now coming apart. It is an historically significant moment.

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