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Perspective from the Granite State

Property taxes vary from town to town. We pay a rate of $19/ $1000 of assessed value. The town right next to us pays 25, while another pays 12. It varies based on school budget (the bulk of property taxes), population density and value of properties.
Most of the smaller towns are still directly governed. You can get a petitioned warrant article to be voted on by all residents on town meeting day. Small town, direct democracy.
The entire northern half of the state voted for Dr. Paul in the primaries.
Our town voted Dr. Paul in the primaries. We don't have a police dept. While trick or treating tonight, a friend reminded me that it was 2 years ago we started a home school group. Tonight we decided a militia is next.
The SE part of NH is like Bostons bedroom. I very rarely go there. I go deep sea fishing two hours from my house. We go skiing in the winter. I freely debate my democrat friends, and they always agree that we here like to do what we want to do and not have anyone else tell us otherwise!

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