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strange you mentioned the guy who planted the first Hemp field in CO. I've been wondering what he was going to do with his harvest.

I can't believe I've been researching this subject for months and didn't even know they had come out with a Nationally available product that's legal to purchase. The reviews (on Amazon) seem pretty favorable, even though there aren't many.

If you get the time, I would really appreciate a separate post just about the CBD product that's now available. I'll do what I can to help spread the word. (if you don't have time I can do one)
One of my best friend's wife has fibromyalgia and the CBD chews were way too powerful for her, but this could be a solution. I've been spending just about every evening emailing different friends about this, since you brought it to our attention.

Thanks again man. Hope to hook up when we come up there.

BTW, since they're extracting it off the stems and stalks, I'll bet they're using 200 proof ethanol. that's what GW Pharmaceuticals in England uses for their "whole plant" extractions. Check it out.