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Bostons bedroom

I know several people who moved up here from down south. Some specifically because of the free state project, others to for work. I would guess the state is 40% DEM, 40% GOP and 20% INDY's. I like to remember that anywhere east of the Mississippi river (except for a few places in ME,NY state and down south) you are less than gas tank away from a major population center. I'm from MT, if all of NH looked like Merrimack I NEVER would have moved here.
Right in our town of 900 I can buy sawn lumber, beef, pork, milk, butter, veggies, maple, lamb, buffalo, go trout fishing, hunt (deer, bear, moose, turkey), get my computer fixed, car fixed, pick stone out of a quarry, go to plays, live music, cookouts, pig roasts, four wheel trails, horses, a donkey rescue farm, hay, logging, blueberry farm, apple orchard, boating, and much more.
A modest house (130,000 value) you will pay $2000-2500/ year in taxes.

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