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Free State Project is the driver...

The FSP works to grow a libertarian presence in New Hampshire. It's a very well represented government with minimal money and, with libertarian voices, one of the few that reduces what it says, does, & regulates.

There are 2 houses in the state legislature; the lower house has 400 representatives (an average of 3,300 citizens per representative) & the upper house has 24 senators.

The executive branch is also unique. There is the governor & a 5-member executive council, who are also elected and are a direct check on the governor's powers.

Finally, it's one of the few places in the northeast that has resisted the progressive tides. Gun laws are essentially nonexistent. Alternative weapons are much the same. Taxes are minimal. (nothing on income; nothing on general purposes; a tax does exist on restaurant meals; property taxes do exist as well...)

About the only oddity to me is that the liquor stores are in the ABC format. Beer & wine are available in grocery stores, but liquor and spirits are only sold through contracted vendors (who bid on the contract to sell spirits). As a result, liquor prices are lower since taxes are minimal. I'd personally say that area is the next that needs deconstructing: keep the taxes low but allow independent liquor stores.