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Comment: He said he'd never heard a libertarian saying they're TEA Party

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He said he'd never heard a libertarian saying they're TEA Party

I told him Ron Paul started it.

So... Not semantics...

I get it, wars and funding the wars is your only concern. Gotcha.....

Seems to be the case with the H-I-Fers on here, too.

MY primary concern as an AMERICAN is my individual liberty, and the constitution...

THAT is hindered by many things, including current fiscal & monetary policy, foreign policy which includes foreign aid & unconstitutional wars which jeopardize Americas physical & financial security, and domestic policies like the War-On-Drugs, ObamaCare, NSA spying, Patriot Act, NDAA, etc., etc.

Just worrying about other countries, or worrying about them first, is not why I am a Ron Paul supporter.

I put domestic and fiscal/monetary policy, as a priority to ME, ahead of foreign policy. Sorry, I do. That said, it greatly affects domestic policy, so I demand we stick by the constitution, and simply do what is right, by the code of our founders, which was the libertarians' code, 'the non-aggression principle'.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?