Comment: I am a NH native.

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I am a NH native.

I left NH because of the property taxes, and I actually love sunny days. Wyoming is my home now and is much freer than NH, and actually affordable. NONE of my 3 vehicles would pass inspection in NH, and that is when I bought them, much less now. I miss my family there, but they seem to like the sun too, and visit me here. Funny, that Wyoming and NH were the choices for the free state project, and I believe Wyoming is also a Freestate but NH is the one decided on officially. The Macintosh apples are great, and the maple syrup can't be beat, and it is hard to find extra sharp cheddar cheese anywhere else as tasty, but that is all I can come up with for being better than Wyoming. The zoning in the small towns I lived in, drove us out, as we were not well off, in NH. Here in Wyoming, we didn't even need a building permit and could build as we could afford it. Difference in taxes? We pay $630 a year for 40 gorgeous acres with a view and two houses on it. In NH it would be close to $9000 a year.