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Re Recycling vs. Systems with Zero Waste

Thanks for clarifying that. I got the gist, but I didn't actually know what he was referring to.

Btw, when Gunther was talking about natural systems where the waste of animals was the food of bacteria, and the waste of bacteria was food for something else, it's what he once explained as "The Five Kingdoms" principle. (Biologists have now broken it out into six, actually, including these organisms that live in the pitch black at the bottom of the ocean or something, but that doesn't matter.) The standard kingdoms he was talking about are: animals, plants, fungi, bacteria/monera, and protista. The waste from something in one kingdom can be used as food by something in another kingdom.

I don't know if you heard Gunther's example of eradicating malnutrition somewhere in Brazil; that was through the production of spirulina. Blue-green algae counts as bacteria. Don't quote me here, but I think it *might* have been that they analyzed some sort of waste from the growing of *rice* (plant kingdom) and found that spirulina (bacteria/monera) would thrive. Anyway, I find it a fascinating principle.

Gunther Pauli and Rocky Mountain Institute's Amory Lovins have worked together on ZERI. I heard a lecture they gave. Amory's one of my other heroes. :) I've brought his name up at the DP on more than one occasion, including recently re Restoration Agriculture (a.k.a. Permaculture, Natural Farming, Agroforestry...), with a "five kingdoms" example I once read in the RMI newsletter:

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