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As an on again/off again resident of NH

I'd say there are quite a few good things about the state, depending on what you're looking for.

There's Hampton beach, which is by far the cleanest beach I've ever set foot on, plus there are tons of things to do there in the summer/fall.

Up north you have the White Mountains and what could best be described as "biker country", plus plenty of great spots for hunting and fishing.

The population density is also very low in all but a handful of cities, so if you're not a big people person then you'll probably enjoy the northern half of the state.

The gun laws here are very lax, though the drug laws are very harsh, likely in response to seeing Boston (more specifically, Gloucester) turn into the heroin capital of the east coast.

And finally, you'd probably find more liberty-minded folk here than anywhere else this side of the Mississippi river.

Oh, right. No capital gains tax either....though most people don't know/care about that.

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