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just for clarification

You don't think that money in itself is the problem, do you?

To me, it all boils down to craving more power, and money just so happens to be a tangible representation of one's 'power'.

IMO, that lust for power, greed, ambition-- whatever one wishes to call it, is both our greatest and worst asset as a species. Like so many other things, I believe that even this trait-- an undeniable part of each of us, no matter how small or grand, has its place in the world. If not, why would it exist? /ramble

I agree that not all the blame for the state of the U.S. and/or the Middle-East should be placed squarely on Israeli shoulders, though. If anything, the U.S. (and those who allow it to happen; we the people) should be taking the lion's share of the blame.

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