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or in Texas

... People in this State like to brag about our 2A friendly laws (is that an oxymoron? Laws for our rights?) Anyway, make no mistake, Texas Cops love to feel powerful, and all of them I see in Austin ALL look like they are ready for a nighttime SEAL op or something. Solid Black outfits with every conceivable accoutrements. Cars are blacked out. Everything possible has been done to make them look sinister.
I would love to see these people neutered. Give them baby blue outfits and put them in Prius'. Afterall, why should taxpayers have to put these thugs into bad ass sports cars? Why shouldnt the city be concerned about buying cars that will last years at lower operating costs? oh yeah, because we pay for it :(

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy