Comment: A hot revolution is a hillbilly/red dawn fantasy

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A hot revolution is a hillbilly/red dawn fantasy

And Dr. Paul knows it. It's exactly what your good Ole Uncle Sam wants. He wants white Americans with guns to turn to the stupidest possible action so everyone in the Liberty movement into "terrorist". They are waiting for the gotcha moment, I swear they are salivating for the first bumpkin to scream "molon labe" and pull the trigger so the real 2A crackdown can begin. Middle America will NOT support you if you start shooting up DC. You act like a barbarian and you will get treated like one.

Go ahead "patriots" line up with your sweet modified AR-15's with all your cool lasers, scopes, and as many overpriced Magpul dodads you can fit on there like Patrick Swayze in Red Dawn to go fight off the evil overlords and see how it turns out. The fantasy of an armed revolution ended when the government was allowed to have far more superior firepower than the average citizen. Lets see how your hillbilly heros stands up to strafing fire from a Blackhawk? Or tell me how hellfire taste as it's deployed from a drone? You "patriots" have Blackhawks and surface to air missiles in your fallout shelters? Didn't think so.

Gandhi freed a nation without firing a shot, MLK freed a entire race globally by peaceful resistance and by just saying "no". People will realize truth when you put it in their faces, not when you send the message wrapped in lead.

Civil disobedience will set us free and your don't need assualt rifles to do it. Imagine what would happen if on tax day American refused to send Uncle Sam a check... could them arrest us all? What if all of us kept our kids home from school until they fixed the system?

But I guess those idea are not as cool as your Modern Combat 4 team up fantasies right?