Comment: God bless

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God bless

this man for that statement!
The big problem we have today is a disconnect between the people in general. Starting with the smallest of townships to cities, Counties and states etc...
To remember we are friends, neighbors, and family first. To take the time to get to know your police officers at all levels. They are a part of the community just as we are and could value from the positive support it would empower.

The BIG problem here is the "outsider" input into this void of connection with the community. "THEY" use corporate "guest speakers" to brainwash and suggest their in a war with the "bad guys" who want to kill them at any chance. Their neighbors,, "THEY" through tax dollars "braintrain" good police officers into thinking evil of their neighbors. "THEY" supply all the DARTH VADER costumes and gear to represent power over the neighbor.
This man sees that!