Comment: Still no major MSM coverage

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Still no major MSM coverage

Still no major MSM coverage of the Australian oil find that seems poised to upset the entire Saudi based paradigm we have been fed all our lives.

Since the first rip off test with the fake oil crisis of the 70's it has been off to the races on the corrupted energy market ever since.

The simple logic then; (oil industry) moving too much product for too little profit, (auto industry) putting too much steel and other resources into big cars and selling them too cheap. Answer: fake oil crisis to push up price of oil and make cheap smaller cars sell at a premium due to a newly created focus of consumers on fuel economy.

From the break up of the great Trusts and the monopoly of Rockefeller's Standard Oil to today, we seem to be right back where we started with monopolies everywhere and the free market all but dead.

Every major industry today has a monopoly behind it and Karen Hudes' "Super Entity" controlling a large percentage of all corporate enterprise is certainly not hard to envision as a logical progression.

We will need to address this issue that is now buried ironically behind the monopoly of a new great de facto media Trust...

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Australian oil find:
Super Entity:

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