Comment: Just look at the first tower to fall.

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Just look at the first tower to fall.

When the first tower falls it obviously crumples at one side and leans. This would shift the weight of all those stories to that side and as a result that side should have fallen first. It should also leverage the opposing side and the end result should have been that those top section should have toppled to that weak side and fallen down that side of the building.

But what happened is that side toppled to about 20 degrees, or so, and then the whole thing came down at the same speed. That is proof enough right their. Even if the entire building came down on its own that top part that toppled first should have fallen faster but it didn't. Add in all the rest of the evidence such as molten metal pouring from the side of the building before the collapse, obvious outward explosions from below the collapsing floors as it fell, eye witness accounts of explosions heard, WTC7, physics and reality.

How can anyone still think that those planes brought those buildings down?

Molten metal and collapse