Comment: Who can possibly defeat Hillary?

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Who can possibly defeat Hillary?

When it comes to the Democrats winning the next election, as long as the DOW is breaking new highs, as long as gold is held down, as long as Republicans give in to higher debt ceilings, as long as Obamacare is allowed to continue unabated, as long as those who receive government benefits out number those who pay for them, as long as the Fed keeps buying Mortgages and Treasuries, as long as we don't crash the economy, there is NO Republican that will win.

However, we will crash the economy. We will expose the problems that too much Leviathan brings. We will no longer be able to pay our debt when interest rates rise. Obamacare will fail miserably. Republicans will return to their old selves.

The question is, when?

So far, Republicans have failed miserably and it will be difficult to defeat Hillary unless we crash before the next election. The problem is, the Fed will be doing all they can with more and more QE to prevent any type of crash. It really comes down to, can the Fed prevent the crash? I don't think they can. My 2nd book, Illusions of Wealth, will dictate how to prepare. My 3rd book, We the Serfs! will predict what will occur next. Both will be out in time to make a difference.

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