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Ignorance is no excuse as

you can't use it in a court of law. If by 18 you have not seen the true evil that is our government then you are probably never gonna see it. We live in an age where information is EVERYWHERE, to say that you didn't know our intentions were not as clean as they should be is a shoddy excuse. Like I said before your argument doesn't hold water in a court of law. After over a decade of empire building and bloody murder, there is NO excuse why anyone at 18 should not know the score. It's not like we just put boots on the ground in Afghanistan yesterday. At 18 you can't shoot your neighbor and then goto court and tell the judge you didn't know bullets come out of a gun when you pull the trigger. I come from a military family and I in no way "hate the troops", matter of fact I love them enough to beg our politicians to no send them off to die for nothing. They are brother/mothers/sons/daughters coming home in boxes for NOTHING and it breaks my heart. But this hero worship of GI's from the Liberty movement has to stop. I can't respect anyone who goes and WILLINGLY signs up to hop into the sandbox.

Lots of pre-teen and early teen pregnanacies because people are too lazy to use condoms or the pill, do you let them off the hook too? What about young people in urban environments that join the drug trade to have a little money, do you let gangbangers who shoot up neighborhoods go free because "they are in a very vulnerable "scrambled" time of mental development."

The answer to the problem is ENDING the chances of a military career before it starts. We shouldn't need an army so large where millions of young people can choose it as a paycheck/career path.