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Throw everything on the landfill

All those grand old ideas of past societies are on landfills...ever drive the south end of Chicago along lake Michigan? Not much room there for new libertarian society unless you want to start mining landfills!
My response to Mom...
I like your post. All but the part about "incinerate everything". In a libertarian society, which is what I want, at least some should be incinerated...waste-to-energy! AND, so far on this thread, I've seen nothing about the old way of doing things such as returnable/reusable drink/food containers. Why are returnable glass juice, milk, beer, soda containers...reusable Mason jars for canned food all a thing of the past???
What really bothers me is in my adopted home state of Arizona: Every year "Waste Management" has their "Waste Management" Open golf tournament. On the side of at least some of their trucks you'll read something about creating 17 or 18 million acres of wildlife habitat. Then, you find that they use tons and tons of compostable material for layering their landfills...pardon me...wildlife habitats. Makes me just want to prioritize a flight to Scottsdale, Arizona next February;-(
ALL the above!...landfill the last resort

"My aim is not to pass laws, but to repeal them".
Senator Barry Goldwater, Senator Rand Paul
and others.

“The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time: the hand of force may destroy, but cannot disjoin them.”

– Thomas Jefferson