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not short-term... but

Shipping sector looks pretty interesting on the premise that the overcapacity in certain segments will be mitigated by an upturn in demand and retirement of old vessels. STNG looks cheap, as does DRYS on weakness.
In the next 3-5 years, the US will beef up its domestic infrastructure to gather and export nat gas... with the rise of advanced extraction techniques in the US shale plays, the price of nat gas in the US has plummeted to a third/half of international prices. You can get exposure to this through owners of LNG tankers (look GLOG), but there is also an emerging technology that allows liquefication of nat gas at the well (look at GLNG) that could revolutionize the market.
A sharp rebound in gold prices would make you a killing in JAGGF, although without such an improvement, you will lose all of your money.
Some other companies that look fairly cheap are US Air (LCC), Cabela's (CAB).
I think Ubisoft is not a bad dice roll on the basis of the Watch Dogs franchise that is coming out with the new generation of gaming consoles. Look up the preview; pretty amazing gameplay and features that combine online gameplay with the actual story board (ie, other players can influence your story and vice versa). Very creepy plot, obviously.

Of course, you should not invest anything in any of these companies that you are not willing to lose. Good luck.

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