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It's like when I'm driving in my car, I sometimes marvel at how just moving my foot an inch or two can cause the car to rocket forward such that my head presses back into the headrest.

It's a new skill, and with it one can do some really neat things (donuts, brake stands, etc :) -- and also move things from one place to another that would be impossible to do by myself). Similarly, the Internet gives one new skills, with which one can do really neat things, some trivial, some incredibly helpful.

And I agree, it is a new planetary ability to share thoughts almost instantly. Keying in on the word "almost" -- it's not done evolving, my guess is that within a couple years (or decades, depends on how quickly nanotechnology[1] arrives), we will have interfaces that are closer to our brains than the ones we have now, if not embedded in them. The ability to see through someone else's eyes (hopefully, with their consent); completely immersive virtual reality; combining just those two, tourism has a new added competitor -- as does voyeur porn! (Sex is generally what sells a new platform; Betamax was technically superior to VHS, but Sony said "no porn on this media" and thus VHS won out (true, Beta couldn't fit a full movie in many cases on a single tape, so it wasn't the only factor).)

Years ago I learned Jin Shin Jyutsu, a form of energy healing like Reiki. Through enough practice, I became able to "feel" the energy; for me it's a tingling, for others it's hot/cold, or like magnetism (resistance/attraction). Just like the Internet, this is a new skill that I can use; generally not so much trivially, I use it to heal my body and others'. My cats can also sense the energy, which is really neat to experiment with.

Anyway, good day!

[1] -- I was in WalMart yesterday looking for Naval Jelly (they didn't have it), and saw in the automotive department a bottle with "nanotechnology" featured prominently. I read it over; it's an additive for the cooling system which will fill in holes in the metal in the engine, and does a better job because it consists of nanoparticles, instead of larger ones that don't as well fit into the peaks and valleys of the molecular surface of the metal. That's really cool -- I've been looking forward to applications of it since the early 90s. This isn't an assembler, so it's also not the end result, but it was cool to see it randomly while shopping.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. - Fully Informed Jury Association - Jin Shin Jyutsu (energy healing)