Comment: Over-the-top, lumping all ag practices together as bad = BS.

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Over-the-top, lumping all ag practices together as bad = BS.

Certainly the type of industrialized farming that dominates this country--cheap corn, soy, etc. en masse--with crazy fossil fuel usage, chem ferts and pesticides, etc. is wack.

However, sustainable small-scale, self-sufficient is the way, of course, but the PTB don't want us to be food-independent... so they pull the strings of environmental groups to vilify farming all around. Property rights, the ability to be self / community-sustaining, access to healthy food (ie: raw milk, etc.) are all deliberately under attack. Agenda 21, baby. Brainwash people into thinking they are a collective and unnatural abomination on this planet, characterize their freedoms / individuality as some sort of psychosis, get the government involved to regulate the holy shite out of 'em, and sit back and watch tyranny take control.

Carbon taxing people for belching sheep, for fuck's sake, is ridiculous! Showing the horse-drawn plow at 3:30 and after reveals this video as being merely fear-mongering propaganda (which serves the pro-statist, anti-property rights, anti-Liberty, pro-world government agenda).

What would the Founders do?