Comment: "As long as one can make money out of catastrophes,

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"As long as one can make money out of catastrophes,

those catastrophes won't end." That's agriculture visionary Sepp Holtzer's comment viewing the decimated Alpine hill (subsidized by the gov't) across the valley from his own: fertile, biologically-diverse, and thriving beautifully. I agree with the comment below, this *is* the way of the future. It's heartbreaking to know he's been given such GRIEF by the government.

The embedded video has been pulled. Here is a preview of a documentary about Sepp. Also info on purchase, containing three films: "Farming with Nature", "Aquaculture" and "Terraces and Raised Beds." Below is a short film. Use cc for English subtitles.
Sepp Holzer permaculture
Part 1 -
Part 2 -

P.S. Sepp rightly said that this needs to be taught in universities. I checked Cornell's School of Agriculture, and while I think the principles of Restorative Agriculture/Permaculture/Agroforestry/ Natural Farming should be taught as part of a required 101 course, at least I'm happy to see it's acknowledged - if w/a two-credit course (Permaculture Design Certification), also online course.
Well, possibly some of it's there also within ecology courses. I didn't see anything similar at SUNY - College of Environmental Science and Forestry.

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