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Very good point fyi,

Once people understand that We The People are the losing parting in a game called divide and conquer, and learn to recognize it wherever they look or hear labels, then perhaps we will see the true enemy. It isn't red vs. blue, democrats vs. republicans, elephants vs. donkeys, left vs. right, it is tyranny vs. liberty. Both parties agree 100% on the things most important to this country and most detrimental to the people, our freedoms, and our ability to be a beacon of freedom and neutrality. The politicians and media apply labels so that people will divide up and argue over the less meaningful things that actually get coverage on the idiot box. The truth is, both parties agree with bigger government, more government control of citizens, never ending spending, and perpetual warfare that has nothing to do with the actual defense of this nation. The agree with torture, indefinite detention without charges, and targeting people for death without a trial, simply at the whim of the President. People need to learn to recognize the coin that is flipped when these decisions are made. They need to recognize that there may be an R on one side of the coin, and a D on the other, but it's the same coin either way.

My main way of explaining this to people is simply picturing 100 people in a room. You ask them to raise their hands if they want freedom, liberties, and the government the Constitution lays out, and they all raise their hands. We all agree. Now have the red team put their arm bands on, and the red team puts their arm bands on, and split to either side of the room. Now, all of a sudden, they can't agree on anything. It works like a charm, and it is working on us now. That is one of our main battles. Get people to recognize the game. How can you win if you don't even know you are playing?