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I don't agree

Israel is not a dictatorship, the Mushavs have taken over the Kibutz, so private industry, small business, global trade, parlementary democracy, religious freedom, women's rights, homosexula rights, corporations independent of the state.. as many people seeking Amnesty to move there as already live there..

Unlike the hundreds of billions of FRNs that go to the UN and nations that regularly burn American flags and depend on America for any infrastructure, Israel produces technology, like that computer you are using.

I am not liberal for foireign aid, but if I was, Israel would be one of my top investments

So what if they had a trillion mega super nukes.. can't think of a better place for them. Can you? They exist.. not like you can make them disappear with a post on DP.

Isn't it great that we can openly speak up to agree to disagree?