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Yes, I believe that good defense stops offense, if the defense has the right intel.

All war is risk, so if Israel, or a sovreign state, because I would not like to see this policy employed by the USA or UN being both are global, but Israel is not global,, so they take the risk in pre-emptive strikes.. as long as they are not killing people and taking out WMD, there will be no complaint. But when people die.. there is a lot of complaints and little done because there were WMD, and if Israel had bad intel and wiped out a hospital (Assad has wiped out five) and there were NO WMD.. then Israel would be rightly accused of aggressive warfare and the better hope that iron dome can handle more than a dozen rockets a day from Hamas because I'm sad to say, millions of people will die and Israel will cease to exist (and since the majority hate Jews and want Israel wiped off the map, that should make a lot of people very happy in a sad way)..