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In Summary, its a long term strategy:

1) Winning VA is key in presidential elections which is why Obama, Hilary, Biden, etc. are campaigning so hard for McAuliffe.
2) If the Pauls help Ken win, odds are VA delegation goes to Rand cementing his nomination at the convention as R candidate and most likely winning VA in 2016.

Ron doesn't usually play politics like this, but he's done it in the past for good reasons. This seems like a good reason (to him) if it helps his son to get elected president.

Remember though, our problems do not stem from "who" gets elected. They stem from a lack of education. Electoral politics will never solve this problem. "Government is a reflection of the people." Long story short, we need to continue to use the internet and all other tools to educate the public on liberty values and ideals. Candidates and elections will come our way once we hit a tipping point intellectually.