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Baseball, kickball, stick ball.

Teams in competition. I was always looking for a game. Headed over the the St. Clair River. My cousins in town could call together enough for two teams.

There are rules, like euchre pinochle, poker. House rules are standard, but other rules often suggested.

Having written rules is a good way to start. Bowl or tennis, golf. Competitive competitive sports.

If government can borrow and tax it will create the kind of environment it deserves. It's not good for the general welfare.

The Articles of Confederation did not satisfy creditors who loaned money to the Revolutionary War effort.

Creditors, through Alexander Hamilton their agent, wanted a government legally able to borrow and tax.

The war debt was now owned by a government that could borrow then set about to setting a whisky tax to repay creditors and raise tariffs.

In 1835, Andrew Jackson paid off all foreign national debt.

At that moment the Republic was born. Every four people owed a Copper cent. The Unites States and territories owed no one anything. Didn't last. Government was bent on implementing the American System by Alexander Hamilton.

Creditors make money by lending money and Congress is a sucker born every minute.

About a third of the Civil war debt was paid off by 1893, the rest and more is still owed today.

Alexis de Tocqueville wrote about Democracy in America after h had traveled throughout America in 1842.
Moving up the great lakes to Detroit, to Flint and on to the the Saginaw Bay. Next stop Mackinaw Island then on to Green Bay territorial centers. If I recall he headed up the Fox River towards the Mississippi.

One author called their book, Jacksonian Democracy. Michigan territorial counties were created during Jackson's or Van Buren's presidencies.

A County can be a Republic that respects the popular voice if they can not go in debt or tax, that is how a republic is maintained.

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Free includes debt-free!