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good article. I have not had health insurance until I turned 65 last year and felt forced to buy medicare mainly because obamacare was coming and everyone would be forced to purchase health insurance.

I remember when it was no problem to go to a doctor, or dentist, and be able to afford the bill. Actually, most doctors have a different, lower price for cash patients than insurance patients. That is what I found until I moved to Asheville, NC, where there are actually doctors who refuse cash patients (go figure that one).

Also, if you have no insurance one tends to not go to doctors as much; only emergencies, which in my case might be a broken bone. And, I am healthier than most people my age because of medications, I use nutritional supplements, organic food, and exercise.

I can never understand who people are talking about when they say there are people getting free medical care because they do not have insurance. No one ever offered me free healthcare; you always have to pay, even if you set up a payment plan. I don't know anyone who has ever not had to pay for their health care other than, I assume, illegal immigrants. I have a friend in San Diego who worked in a hospital and she got disgusted by the illegals coming into the hospital with fake social security numbers and addresses and thus getting "free" healthcare because there was no way to bill them. Let the big businesses who hire them pay the bill; why should you or I?