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I've never said that 9/11 isn't totally shady

since the Feds knew about it ahead of time and did an FDR-Pearl-Harbor on it. No reason they couldn't tip off their bud Larry first.

I just don't give credence all the post-mortem speculation about what SHOULD have happened if a 767 full of jet fuel hit a thousand foot tall building, because we have basically nothing to compare it to.

As an engineer, everything that happened to the building makes perfect sense to me, and I've read and watched all the articles and debunking videos circulating around and they make less sense than what apparently happened.

The topic interests me, and I'm glad everyone thinks its a big sham, because it was. But the mechanics of the building collapse isn't what's giving it away. The FBI already admitted they knew, what else do you need? I think it was a welcome excuse to crank up the war machine.

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