Comment: Why are medical cost so high?

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Why are medical cost so high?

The current "medical/sickcare" business model is based on the precept that people are worth more sick than they are well. It has very virtually nothing to do with health, and everything to do with locking people, providers ,and stakeholders into a controlled system for life.
1. FDA oversees the systematic poisoning of people necessitating the need of insurance & therapies
2. AMA owns the Codes, (diagnostic & therapy), by which medical providers bill for their services, and are reimbursed for their service by the insurance companies.
3. Insurance companies decide what codes they will accept, and how much they will reimburse the medical providers.
4. Medical providers, choose which codes will generate revenues, and then test and treat patients accordingly.
5. Patients are treated according to which codes will generate revenues for the medical providers.
6. If a potential lawsuit is possible then, tests are done to support the suit, and therapies are chosen as to not jeopardize the suit.

1. Patients pay insurance premiums, and medical provider co-payments.
2. Medical providers collect co-payments, and insurance reimbursements for specific codes billed.
3. Insurance companies collect insurance premiums, and reimburse medical providers according to codes billed. (They decide what percentage of the allowed amount they will pay, and have up to 5 years to demand repayment of reimbursements from medical providers should they deem an unjustified reimbursement).
4. AMA leases the codes (diagnostic and therapy) to medical providers, and insurance companies for about $10 million each year.
5. FDA oversees, and approves all food, drugs, and therapies allowed to participate in the market place.

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