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From the comments section of the last link:

In the end, I don't follow a man; I follow an idea. In fact, I didn't, myself, get into libertarianism, non-interventionism because of Ron Paul. It was other people and the disillusionment of the system. To follow a man will defeat the whole purpose of libertarianism, which, along with non-aggression principle, advocates for individualism. So, whatever Ron Paul does with his connected politics, it's not going to effect what I believe. In other words, whoever is pulling the strings is wasting their time, and still has little understanding of what a true individualist's worldview is.

If say Ron Paul was some corrupt person that was taking advantage of a situation and "mysteriously" exposed, the liberty movement will still continue because it's not about him. The argument for liberty still stands. Of course, this is not how the GOP thinks because much like the DNC they're a bunch of collectivists who need a leader along with a regime, and their only argument is to politically take down leading figures in hopes that people will quit their active opposition to them.

I would call it cynicism for whoever is trying to corral people via RP endorsement, but I think it's more corny and out-of-date thinking, much like Tom Watson's piece advocating for the Democrat party. Though the irony that they have to use a libertarian in order to win or whatever they're doing, shouldn't go unnoticed.

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