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Book? This one?

Against the Grain: How Agriculture Has Hijacked Civilization

Agree that this is a distracting video with all the hard cuts. Better if the video maker just let Mannings words play over the images.

But. The book looks interesting.

The evolutionary road is littered with failed experiments, however, and Manning suggests that agriculture as we have practiced it runs against both our grain and nature's.

Quite possible that this will end in failure, considering humanity's dependence on monoculture crops, and high requirements for water, not to mention meat.

I would not call what we have civilization, but "coercive society" or "technological barbarism" like Rome. It remains to see if civilization can develop.

Interesting. Certainly humanity has achieved towering heights based on agriculture. But are these heights the same as stocks in 1929 - "a permanently high plateau?"

That plateau turned out to be not so stable.

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