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So remember this post from last week?

Sierra was looking for bets on when the dollar index would see a 78 handle (or as he calls it, "a .78 handle") as though it were a foregone conclusion. He made another post ( ) within minutes noting the then-current price of "79.07 opps now 79.04". The next day it touched 79.00 and now sits at 80.72.

LOLOLOLOLOL, reminds me of April of 2011 when everybody was posting their guesses as to when silver would break its record high from 1980 (instead of selling like I suggested), only to watch silver crash like 35% in a matter of a few days.

It wouldn't have mattered much if the dollar index had declined below 79.00. I never said that it wouldn't, and I am certainly not saying that it can't, and it wouldn't have been fatal to bullish case. I just think it is funny as hell that just as sierra gained enough confidence to talk all that trash --completely misrepresenting my post from early July, which he has referenced over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over to supposedly show how wrong I was-- the index immediately finds its footing, bottoms, and begins to rally! Plus, I went and found the post of mine that he kept referring to myself, and I re-posted it to show what I ACTUALLY said, and he doesn't have anything to say!