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I don't see it as shining any light that people who are concerned about privacy didn't aleady know. Do you actually think that a terrorist, someone who was willing to do harm to the USA, thought the USA was not tracking, "spying", on ALL people, at least within America, if not the countries America's military occupies? Was there anyone who ever smoked marijuana that didn't stop for a moment and think, "Wow, this is illegal and someone could tell on me?", or "What I wrote could be incriminating?" Or how about all those posts here on DP: "Erase your post that explains why you were arrested and protect yourself!"? Why post that?

For years I've been reading posts on DP about government tracking, ebay, myspace, facebook, amazon, gps.. cell phone.. on and on..

So WHO did GG with Snowden's information wake up? The people who didn't care anyways? The people who said, "No they are not spying". These are the same folks who don't care. "I'm doing nothing wrong, so I don't care".

Didn't he photographs from Guatamemo wake anyone up?

Didn't 911 wake anyone up?

And now that people are awake, what is going to change?

Is NSA going to stop? Let's say it does. Do you actually think that if NSA was canned and stop tracking there would be no tracking of people?

I think this is a set up to end NSA. I think that global government needs and wants to end programs like (sovreign)NSA because they want and need to go international.

Now we have news that the USA has been spying on other nations. Shock? What you want to bet these other nations are in negotiations for a global security authority?

And that is how some of us see the whole GG and Snowden affair, a charade.. it's a shell and pea game.. "Where's Snowden?? "Where's the pea"? Is it under the "America is bad and this proves it" shell? Is it under the "Snowden is a traitor and NSA made mistakes" shell? Is it under the , "end NSA begin GSA" shell?

You know which shell I think (#3 in case you didn't).

Why government needs to operate in the shadows of "big brother"?

Government is Big Brother. Cheney was asked once about "The Shadow Government", and I'm one of those who believe that the shadow government is the Federal Reserve (and the IRS) collusion with global central bankers that strip of our sovreign rights and force global government/ UN treaties, that Americans, like most of these nations opposing the NWO, who resent their leaders "selling them out" and are more sensitive because they have thousands of years of history to refer where most Americans were immigrants and the constitution is relatively new and short lived historically speaking.

Why can't transparency and forthrightness be our hallmarks?

From my experience.. many things are not transparent because they are "hanging chads" and don't have anything to say because until that chad has been counted, it could go any direction. Government is so big, and linked in many layers with many departments, and many people (who do not agree or like each other), and since privacy is the first line of protection (for robbers and people that have something of value that others want), MSM has become the mouthpeice of what the government wants you to know.

I'm at the point, I think transparency and forthrightness are personal traits.. either a person is, or they are not, but corporations, and that icludes governments, are not because they are not real people.. we attribute human virtues to them, but they are not capable because they are fictions we have to deal with in this world, as it was in the beginning, is now, and will be forever and ever.