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Comment: Besides the landscape being breathtaking

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Besides the landscape being breathtaking

It is home to the free state project which is a libertarian-esque movement dedicated to smaller government. In my opinion the reason why the free state project chose nh was its connection to water and international trade through canada. Wyoming, which I believe was the runner up lacked both of those things and those things are vital if youre looking to secede which some FSP members have advocated.

Although the property taxes are high in NH compared to the surrounding new england states it looks like a haven. The state has recently seen a flood of leftist douchebaggery most likely sourcing from Boston. There is definitely a last ditch effort from the powers at be to rub away NH various freedoms. To many, it is seen by many as a last hope for "liberty in our lifetime" there line not mine. All in all NH is a beautiful state which still has some freedoms that are trying to be erased.

I don't know if the FSP will get as far as it wants but with the sniper presence at Keene's pumpkin festival I think the establishment is trying to flex its muscle and show that they aren't leaving without a fight. We will see if NH lives up to the quote made by the heroic John Stark "Live free or die, death is not the worst of evils"