Comment: ZOO…congratulation for being honest and objective

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ZOO…congratulation for being honest and objective

The first step in solving a problem is recognizing the problem.

You people should be ashamed of yourself….is this how Ron Paul would treat someone new to the tent?.......REALLY!

What is wrong with you people?

This person said they were fairly new to this…two years….and that’s not two years constantly sitting behind a computer like the rest of you losers…..SEA I am particular ashamed of you, because I know you know better. You people should be helping this person with what they got right…..politely tell them what they got wrong and point them in the right direction of “self discovery”.

Zoo probably has a full time job…..a spouse( which is another full time job) ….children, parents, church & home and the countless other thing that go along WITH HAVING A LIFE….they may not have the time to devote to the CLUB of the insanity of wasted time on the DP.

But they also care….about their future and their country…….SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE.

ZOO……hey man I don’t know where you are in your life cycles of this crap…..but beware of the conspiracy kooks…..they will drag you down into their hate.

Thank you for being objective……stay that way. You have started down a path which will amaze you and anger you and make you question everything you have ever been taught about the history of this country. ….especially the government of this country.

May I suggest a book first, The History of Banking and Money. By Murray Rothbard…in fact here is a link for a free pdf…..i prefer the actual book because I have always written in the margin my thought while reading.

Allow me to said a few thing about the article. All the colonies were using paper script, what the English merchants didn’t what is the colonies trying to pay their debt to them in this script….think about it….what good was it in England…..the English merchants were right to ask for gold. The colonies had an paper inflation problem. Inflation benefits debtors…..who were the largest debtors….large land holders……who were some of the largest land holders…..the founding fathers. Especially the Washington’s…….most of Ohio and Indiana and some of Michigan.

As far as money supply and the scarcity of species….that is a myth of the inflationist (Keynesian theory).

Prices will adjust to whatever the money supply may be in a “free market”

Here is an excerpt from “What has the Government Done to Our Money”

What "should" the supply of money be? All sorts of criteria have been put forward: that money should move in accordance with population, with the "volume of trade," with the "amounts of goods produced," so as to keep the "price level" constant, etc. Few indeed have suggested leaving the decision to the market. But money differs from other commodities in one essential fact. AND GRASPING THIS DIFFERENCE FURNISHES A KEY TO UNDERSTANDING MONETARY MATTERS. When the supply of any other good increases, this increase confers a social benefit; it is a matter for general rejoicing. More consumer goods mean a higher standard of living for the public; more capital goods mean sustained and increased living standards in the future. The discovery of new, fertile land or natural resources also promises to add to living standards, present and future. But what about money? Does an addition to the money supply also benefit the public at large?

Consumer goods are used up by consumers; capital goods and natural resources are used up in the process of producing consumer goods. But money is not used up; its function is to act as a medium of exchanges--to enable goods and services to travel more expeditiously from one person to another. These exchanges are all made in terms of money prices. Thus, if a television set exchanges for three gold ounces, we say that the "price" of the television set is three ounces. At any one time, all goods in the economy will exchange at certain gold--ratios or prices. As we have said, money, or gold, is the common denominator of all prices. But what of money itself? Does it have a "price"? Since a price is simply an exchange-ratio, it clearly does. But, in this case, the "price of money" is an array of the infinite number of exchange-ratios for all the various goods on the market.

We conclude, therefore, that determining the supply of money, like all other goods, is best left to the free market. Aside from the general moral and economic advantages of freedom over coercion, no dictated quantity of money will do the work better, and the free market will set the production of gold in accordance with its relative ability to satisfy the needs of consumers, as compared with all other productive goods.

So ….welcome to the party ZOO….glad to have you!