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Comment: Ad Revenue

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Ad Revenue

If you use the hosts file technique, then no. Your browser sees the URL in alpha and has to translate that into an IP Number. The first place it looks is the hosts file; if the URL isn't there, the browser gets the IP number from the nameserver. If you have the hosts file installed, then when the browser looks for the IP of that URL, it first sees, which is localhost, which will return a "Failed to Connect
The connection was refused when attempting to contact"

So, no, the ad site doesn't even know you're there, so it's irrelevant whether you have to click the ad; the ad never even gets requested.

So no revenue. )-;

But there ARE advertisers who AREN'T spammers, etc; the hosts file is plain-text-searchable, so the ad sales rep can vet the site in an instant. In other words, the hosts file lets good guys' ads through.
Right now, I have the hosts file in place, but I see ads for:
End the Fed!
Rand Paul
Freedom's Phoenix
Liberty Crier
Falcon Internet Hosting

So you can still see the "good" ads, and click if you want (or depending on that revenue thing, which I don't know which way they do it.)

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