Comment: Bob-45: Please Provide Proof

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Bob-45: Please Provide Proof

His political connections come from Edgar Miles Bronfman, who paid off McCain's daddy for covering up the truth about Israel's deliberate attack on the USS Liberty by promoting McCain's political career, falsely promoting McCain as a "foreign policy expert" on NBC, which Bronfman owned at the time. Vicky McCain inherited her wealth as a payoff for her daddy taking the fall for an organized crime kingpin. The deal was negotiated by a mob lawyer named William Rehnquist (yeah, THAT William Rehnquist). Vicky was charged with stealing painkillers from a charity she sponsored in the 1990s.

Can you provide a link of proof? No pun intended...

I know McCain is a liar and a phony, but I've never heard of this other stuff involving McCains daddy, Edgar Bronfman and Vicky McCain and William Rehnquist and the paid cover ups..

IMO, McCain is a terrible person, an opportunistic snake in the grass who will lie, cheat and steal in order to advance his political career and creating undeserved wealth...